Are YOU A Knowledgeable Subject-Matter Expert Who is Tired Of Suffering from SCARY Stage Fear and Tired of Lack of CONFIDENCE When SPEAKING in Front of Groups in Office?
How Many Career Opportunities, How Many Sleepless Nights & How Much of Average Reputation is Being An Average Speaker Costing You Every Single Year?
Permanently get rid of ALL your speaking & communication problems that are keeping you stuck in your current career level so that you can become a confident & effective speaker and elevate to the next level in your career, and finally get the recognition, respect & happiness you've been silently begging for every night when you go to sleep.

This Page is The Answer to All Your Prayers.

India's #1 Most Trusted Practical Public Speaking Transformational Program for MEN & WOMEN Who Want to Speak & Live with
Only 40 spots 
Only 13 spots
2 spots left.
Bishal Sarkar's
How to Transform Your Entire Life by Becoming 
an Average, Monotonous & Fearful
a Totally Confident, Powerful & Highly Respected Speaker
These people transformed their confidence & their entire life. When will YOU?
EXTREMELY LIMITED: The conference is limited to only 40 people so everyone gets personal attention, so be a man of fast action because we don't have space for everyone.
SEPTEMBER 22-23, 2018.
Bangalore, India | Limited Spots
Your Life Will Never Be The Same. 

Get Ready for Confidence, Happiness & Respect!
Here's What Other Men (Who Once Were Suffering From Some of The Challenges That Brought You to Come Here) Are Saying:
"I Got a Raise Without Even Asking for It."
"I'm Coming from Qatar (to Bangalore). I Would Recommend You to Come Here Because This Is The Best Course I've Ever Attended."
"I See You As My Guru, Bishal"
"It's Magical."
" "What I Couldn't Achieve in So many Years, I Achieved That Here"
Here's What Your Future Looks Like If You're Fortunate Enough to Get a Spot In This Program:
✓ You’ll dramatically INCREASE your CONFIDENCE while TOTALLY vanishing STAGE FEAR & ANXIETY which is affecting your health, mind and career

✓ You'll be finally master your public speaking skills and become THE CONFIDENT EXPERT and you'll be RECOGNIZED as a CONFIDENT Speaker

✓ You'll influence and impact people with your speaking


✓ You'll CONNECT with your audience in a deep way, in an interesting way

✓ You'll MASTER the SECRET FORMULA of Successful Presentations so you can CREATE MASSIVE IMPACT with your speaking

✓ You'll master your articulations and pronunciation, and automatically use right words at the right time

✓ You'll get laser-focused on how to STRUCTURE your points logically so that you deliver world-class presentations that YOUR AUDIENCE MEMBERS line up to see

✓ You'll FINALLY MASTER your voice modulation, so that people can listen to you with interest for hours (this is VERY important)

✓ You'll be positioned as an expert in front of any audiences for your DYNAMIC BODY LANGUAGE

✓ You'll optimize your tone and voice and your overall vocal variety so that your audience LOVES you

✓ You'll be PERSUASIVE AS A SPEAKER because you'll convince people easily

✓ You'll crisply articulate your points step-by-step without forgetting any points in front of any audience, so you're more persuasive

✓ Your audience members will respect you more than ever before for your AMAZING public speaking skills, and because of your presentations' IMPACT and INFLUENCE

✓ You'll develop speeches & presentations that you find easy, effortless, and enjoyable with ability to speak spontaneously

✓ You'll feel more recognized, inspired, supported, and happy to be a Super-CONFIDENT Speaker who speaks in front of groups with COMPLETE confidence, and as a result make a significant improvement in your career & in your life.

✓ You'll FEEL HAPPY as a result of becoming The ULTIMATE CONFIDENT MAN on STAGE and in LIFE
This Program is Not for Excusemakers & Negative People Who Just Moan & Complain in Life.
Who This IS For???
You are in the right place and may even be a good candidate for this program if: 

✓ If you’re a subject matter expert in your field and you want to reach higher level.

✓ If you’re a knowledgeable person who gives presentations as a part of his profession.

✓ If you have the ability, willingness to IMPLEMENT “Advanced Confidence Formula” to see RADICAL transformation in the way you present your ideas.

✓ If you’re an ambitious man, and you want to lead better more effectively after being a CONFIDENT speaker.

✓ If you care for your family, and you recognize that you being a CONFIDENT speaker does ADD a lot of value to not only your professional life but also your personal life.
In Other Words,
I’m Looking For REAL MEN
(and occasionally women)
There are “talkers,” and then there are “doers.”

Let me make it clear that I don’t mentor grown-up cry-babies, complainers, victims, whiners who “talk” about becoming CONFIDENT & achieving FREEDOM in life, but can’t seem to actually make a move and TAKE MASSIVE ACTION.

Giving up whining or going through life seeing yourself as a victim is NOT something anyone can teach you how to change. It is simply a decision you must make for yourself.

So if you're a big time excuse maker and if you live in "Dream World" vs "Action World," it's best you find someone else to mentor you. I am not your guy.

So I’m assuming that by reading further, you are ready for the truth about what it takes to succeed as a Confident Man & Confident Speaker. I am assuming for now that you're a man with balls not a man with air.

What Do You CHOOSE For Your Future?
The Fearful Life of “Average” Person or
I created something that can transform your career & life. 

I am very selective about who I mentor, because I am associating my name with that person’s results. I only invest my time in people with the potential to succeed. So I am very careful.

The first thing you need to get clear on is: DO YOU WANT THIS?

Do You Want To Do the Work Required To Be THE CONFIDENT MAN?

What would that be like? Well, let’s see:

Imagine Now...

Imagine that you’ve just given a BLOCKBLUSTER presentation in front of senior managers, colleagues & clients, and you did it SO CONFIDENTLY, and you didn’t make a single mistake. It went flawlessly. And at the end of your presentation, all you can hear is: “WOW- he’s SO DAMN CONFIDENT!”

Imagine people keeping looking at you and your body language, trying to figure out what happened to you suddenly for which you’re able to ROCK every presentation.

And imagine you getting that promotion letter than others were hungry about.

And imagine coming back home, surprising your wife with this news, watching as she takes a deep breath, hugs you and says: “You’re my tiger.”

And imagine your children coming and hugging your legs as you’re standing and they say: “Daddy, I love you.” 

And imagine going to bed every night knowing that you've secured the future of your family and you're finally THE CONFIDENT MAN!!
How would that make you feel?
Does that sound like a life you want?
If You Want to Make a Dream Like That REAL, Then Keep Reading
MEET ALOK (A caring husband & father)
Success Story: Alok (Sr. Product Manager)
Alok’s story relates A LOT OF PEOPLE. You may not directly know Alok, but he was really struggling with stage fear a lot. He used to struggle with impromptu questions from senior managers. And he used to struggle with body language as well. RESULT? His promotion was on hold, EVEN THOUGH he had a lot of work experience. He works for a big company in Bangalore, yet this challenges were REALLY blocking him from moving forward in his career. He was struggling with debt, loans etc. And obviously, he was not happy about it. 
Today Alok in enjoying an amazing career. He has got more time with son Samarth than ever before. He got a promotion recently WITHOUT asking for it and almost doubled his salary. Yes- no more chasing. Only attracting by deserving with confidence. 
Even though he was struggling to move forward in his career, now he gets opportunities after opportunities WITHOUT having to run after them.

Can you see the confidence in Alok’s eyes? I can. I worked with him until he GOT THAT SPARK BACK IN HIS LIFE.
Here's a message Alok recently sent me after paying off his home loan and after sponsoring the education of a needy child
If you’ve been in my circle, and been reading my "Daily Mentor" and been watching my videos for a while, you know that the experience I provide in my program is quite expensive. My programs are not cheap. For most people it's expensive. But for the right man, it's the right investment.
Why Is a BMW More Expensive Than a Tata Nano?
People pay a premium for a BMW because of the quality of experience and RESULT they get when they own and drive one.

It's for successful people. BMW is not for losers.

The level of result I achieve with people in my program coupled with the current demands for my time leads to a very premium fee level.

The quarterly investment to hire me as a one-on-one mentor to have me look at your presentations in-person, and meet you once a month for 2 hours to help you create GREAT RESULTS is 95 lacs Rupees.

When my clients send me reviews, and tell me about their success stories and how they’ve got 10000% ROI, it fills me with happiness and true satisfaction.

But paying that huge chunk of money is not a realistic option for many of my super-star future clients.

I run a very successful VIP MASTERMIND called “The COMPLETE Life MASTERMIND” where the entry fee ranges between 24 Lacs to 47 Lacs a year. Most people can’t afford that, even if they need it the MOST.

So I’ve structured things differently to help more serious people take advantage of what I have to offer. Please read this next section very carefully so you are clear about all of the details.

It's a 3-Step Transformational Program

Before you come to my workshop, youʼll get INSTANT ACCESS to THE CONFIDENT SPEAKER Foundational Masterclass, my proprietary virtual training, over the next 4 weeks that will SPECIFICALLY address implementing the overall Confidence Development Plan and move you through a proven process to transform your speaking style into the one that we design together.

You'll have your own password to access these 4-week modulated content platform that you can go through from ANY device so I can start mentoring you from TODAY EVENING.

This will make sure you start improving BEFORE you come to the workshop.

I'll walk you through step by step so you can DELETE all your fears, permanently. Plus, I will give you easy-to-do "practical communication assignment" so you can literally feel more confident from tomorrow morning.

Get ready to learn my secret formula that has given thousands of professional a boost in their confidence.

VALUE: 45,000 Rupees (INR)
LIVE Video Conference with Bishal Sarkar

You have questions? Ask me during the video conference. I'd like to know you, and I'd like to help you. 

We will get on these video conferences to address the specific questions you have so you can grow your communication, your confidence and your speaking.

Plus, I will give you specific assignments that DELETE your current speaking problems and I will hold you accountable so you get the RESULTS. 

Big companies pay me 25 to 30 Lacs Rupees just to access to my brain & vast experience by hiring me as a consultant for 8 hours to mentor their top leaders. Do you think you can learn a thing or two from the same person if he directly spoke with you? :)

You will have access to the SAME ME from a fraction of that investment. 

VALUE: 50,000 Rupees (INR)
on September 22 & September 23, 2018

The best weekend of your life. Here's where transformation happens. 

You will personally meet ME & my team where I will be there to teach you everything you need to learn in order to become a HIGHLY POWERFUL CONFIDENT SPEAKER. 

You will see live demonstration and you will meet other amazing people that probably will become your new best friends.

This is the place where you will transform your confidence & your life forever.

We identify your specific challenges that are holding you back from being the person you want to be, especially with your speaking.

I will show you the step-by-step system to step up your confidence so you never face stage fear ever again.

I'll show you the step-by-step system to connect with people when speaking. 

I'll show you how to become a MASTER COMMUNICATOR from all dimensions.

I will answer your specific problems so you can be a happy man.

Plus, you will create lifelong relationships here with the other people.

This will be the BEST memory of your life this year. I guarantee that.

VALUE: 90,000 Rupees (INR)
Only 40 spots 
Only 13 spots
2 spots left.
(That Too if You're Fortunate Enough to Get a Spot)

However if you enroll today, I am making a special opportunity to attend the entire program for a fraction of the regular investment.

This is only available to you if you can convince my team members Mr. Rahul to give you this discount, because regularly it's 1.85 Lacs Rupees.
(Get Your Phone Ready to Call & Book Your Spot...)
If you're a fast actiontaker,
your investment is
NOT 1,85,000 Rupees
For the first 40 people,
it's  NOT EVEN 1 Lac Rupees
It's only 19,500 Rupees.
Yes you've read it right. :)

Call Mr. Rahul To Immediately Request a Spot: +91-88803-61526

Once The Spots Are Gone, They're Gone. Call Mr. Rahul Immediately To Take Advantage of This Before Others in Your Office Call Us and Become More Confident Than You.

Time & Bishal Sarkar Wait for None.
Only 40 spots 
Only 13 spots
2 spots left.
(Hurry up, spots are vanishing fast, every single damn hour!)

ALERT: Due to the popularity and success of THE CONFIDENT SPEAKER CONFERENCE, the course investment will increase significantly any time. The discount will vanish like smoke in the air, immediately.
AS A SPECIAL BONUS, you will receive unlimited access to my “Secret of First Impression Formula Course” for FREE (digital download)! People have paid an ADDITIONAL of 1 Lacs Rupees for this confidence skyrocketing program before in the past, you will get it for FREE. 

This FREE gift offer is applicable until Saturday 11 AM, because after that we will again offer this as premium product separately on our websites.
I've made the course investment ridiculously low, so that I can help you when you need me the most: RIGHT NOW!

I want to help you NOW. Maybe one day you become so successful that you CAN afford my high-level coaching & mastermind programs.

Call Mr. Rahul To Immediately Request a Spot: +91-88803-61526
Here's What Other Men (Who Once Were Suffering From Some of The Challenges That Brought You to Come Here) Are Saying:
"I Got a Raise Without Even Asking for It."
"I'm Coming from Qatar (to Bangalore). I Would Recommend You to Come Here Because This Is The Best Course I've Ever Attended."
"I See You As My Guru, Bishal"
"I Look Forward to Mentoring You, Personally."
- Bishal Sarkar, "The King of Confidence"
Author of "I Love Public Speaking"
Featured in Times of India, Conscious Millionaire, Reebok

"Thanks Bishal for being my mentor" - Jaiprakash C


"Bye bye to stage fear forever. I am a confident speaker now." - Siva Rajesh

"I got another promotion. I can proudly say I have a happy family, and I can sleep with peace every night."
- M Sathish
Your investment is
NOT 1,85,000 Rupees
It's  Not Even
1 Lac Rupees
It's only 19,500 Rupees.
That's it. :)


Call Mr. Rahul To Immediately Request a Spot: +91-88803-61526

Once The Spots Are Gone, They're Gone. Call My Team Member Mr. Rahul Immediately To Take Advantage of This Before The Opportunity is Gone From Your Life. This Course Will Transform Your Life. Take Your Cell Phone Out of Your Pocket and Call The Number Immediately.
(c) Bishal Sarkar 2018