2X Your Confidence

Double Your Confidence in 30 Minutes or Less.
(WITHOUT practicing for hours like clueless people)

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17 February 8:45 PM

Did you know that 91% of corporate
professionals in India have STAGE FEAR and they lack CONFIDENCE during presentations?

  • What about you?
    On the 17th of February, I am holding a very special 2X Your Confidence Masterclass where I’ll share with you my step-by-step formula. It’s for people who want a taste & experience of what it feels like to be in the world of the CONFIDENT subject matter expert.
    If you want to feel that, show up. If you’re a pussy or a crybaby, this is not right for you. (I like being straightforward.)
    During 2X Your Confidence Masterclass, you’ll discover:

  • How to OVERCOME STAGE FEAR by doubling your confidence IMMEDIATELY

  • How STAGE FEAR is a big threat to you, your career and your family (YES!) and what you can do about it instantly

  • A proven 4-step formula to master your inner confidence so you feel
    UNSHAKABLE CONFIDENCE that gets you more professional recognition so that you can be the office hero and still have a flourishing personal life

  • AND...how to do ALL of this without practicing like a pig, or ANY of that other "hard work" stuff that leaves you drained and burnt-out!

  • Most “trainers” out there talk & try to convince.

    I just show.

    You will see how it works.

  • PS because it’s a VIP 25-minute call, we can’t accommodate more than 17 people. So secure your spot now, and then look for a text message from my assistant Anupama about call-in information. Let’s do this. I look forward to talking to YOU during the 2X Your Confidence Masterclass.

Bishal Sarkar

The King of Confidence™

17 February 8:45 PM